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The Waves of the Future May Bend Around Metamaterials March 23, 2015
Echodyne Targets Drones, Self-Driving Cars with Metamaterials Radar March 17, 2015
Can Orbital Turn Satellite Data Into Cash? March 16, 2015
Orbital Insight: How AI Can Calculate Our Oil Surplus…From Space March 16, 2015
Orbital Insight: Startup Promises Business Insights from Satellite Images March 16, 2015
Great Photos From The World’s Smallest Satellites March 13, 2015
SOLS Raises $11.1 Million to Bring 3-D Printed Insoles to the Masses February 27, 2015
SOLS Raises $11.1 Million To Bring Its Product To Consumers And Athletes February 27, 2015
Flex Logix Unveils Plan To License Programmable Cores That Make Chips Much More Flexible February 23, 2015
Shahin Farshchi: Five things to consider before offering new technology as a cloud service February 11, 2015
The Secret to Better Phone Photos: New Lenses February 10, 2015
Xconomy With a Knife as a Microscope, 3Scan Maps in 3D February 4, 2015
Fox Business VIDEO: Matterport CEO Bill Brown Shows Off Matterport Virtual Tour System January 29, 2015
Forbes 3Scan: Digital Imaging On The Cutting Edge Of Tissue Analysis January 28, 2015
TechCrunch Moment Creates An iPhone Case And App To Help Mobile Photographers Take Better Pictures January 28, 2015
Wired New Case Turns Your iPhone Into an Interchangeable-Lens Camera January 28, 2015
Everspin Takes $29 Million to Develop Next Generation MRAM Chips January 26, 2015
Planet Labs Nabs $95 Million To Cover The Earth With Flocks Of Tiny Satellites January 20, 2015
Satellite Startup Planet Labs Raises $95 Million January 20, 2015
O'Reilly Shahin Farshchi: Fixing What’s Wrong With Hardware Startups January 13, 2015 Matterport: How a New Camera Could Change the Way Homes Are Sold January 11, 2015
The Guardian CyPhy Works: Co-inventor of Roomba Sets Her Sights on Building New Drones January 11, 2015
Scaled Inference Raises $13.6M to Bring Machine Learning to the Masses December 29, 2014
Forbes Josh Wolfe: Investing Themes From Tech & Biology December 23, 2014
Matterport: Next in Housing Market - Digital 3-D December 21, 2014
Zack Schildhorn: 5 Trends to Watch for in 3D Printing in 2015 December 20, 2014
Matterport: Developers, Get Ready: 3D Images Are Coming to Mobile Devices December 11, 2014
Startups Mine Market-Moving Data From Fields, Parking Lots—Even Shadows November 20, 2014
FoxBusiness VIDEO: Startup SOLS uses 3D printing to make custom insoles November 19, 2014
SOLS: Meet The Woman Who’s Using 3D Printing To Make Your Shoes Cool And Comfortable October 24, 2014
Huge Flock of Minisatellites Aims to Photograph the Entire Earth Every Day October 14, 2014
Gridco Systems, Siluria and Transphorm Named To Global Cleantech 100 List October 7, 2014
Planet Labs: Young Companies, Big Ideas October 2, 2014
The Rise of the Drones: CyPhy Pocket Drones September 30, 2014
WSJ Kurion To Sign Contract Over Fukushima Cleanup September 17, 2014
Recode AltspaceVR Wants to Bring the 2-D Web Into 3-D Virtual Reality September 12, 2014
“Five Do’s and Don’ts on Building Your Robotics Startup“ - Lux Partner Shahin Farshchi September 9, 2014
GeekWire Beautiful Pics On The iPhone: Lens Maker Moment Raises $1.5M September 9, 2014
How the Fukushima Disaster Made a Name for Nuke Startup Kurion September 5, 2014
Better Transformers Save Billions In Wasted Electricity September 3, 2014
IEEE Spectrum “Five Myths and Facts About Robotics Technology Today” - Lux Partner Shahin Farshchi August 26, 2014
New York Magazine A Tech Start-Up Just Restored My Faith In Humanity August 21, 2014
GigaOM Saudi Aramco Backs Natural Gas Tech Startup Siluria August 20, 2014
Saudi Aramco Leads $30 Mil. Investment In Natural Gas Fuels Company Siluria August 20, 2014
San Francisco Chronicle Siluria Turns Natural Gas Into Gasoline For $1 Per Gallon August 20, 2014
Reuters Nanosys: With Sharp Focus, Quantum Dot Makers Scale Up To Meet Demand August 13, 2014
Planet Labs: A Start-Up Provides a Picture of Our Shape-Shifting Planet August 13, 2014
Uber-Inspired Apps Bring a Doctor Right to Your Door August 2, 2014
Shapeways: Hasbro Starts to Play Nice With 3D Printing July 21, 2014
3D-Sensing Camera Startup Matterport Grabs $16M July 7, 2014
3D Camera Startup Matterport Raises $16 Million Series B July 7, 2014
3-D Camera Maker Matterport Raises $16M July 7, 2014
Shapeways: 3D Printing - Where the Wild Things Are July 7, 2014
MarketWatch Genocea Announces Positive Top-Line Phase 1 Results for Novel Universal Pneumococcus Vaccine June 23, 2014
CNBC Disruptors Kymeta: Is This Antenna Start-up Gates’ Next Blockbuster? June 17, 2014
ViaSatellite Kymeta Plans Mass Production, September Demonstration With O3b June 11, 2014
Kurion: Tepco Eyes Radioactive Strontium-Removal System June 9, 2014
Kurion: Tepco Hires US Company to Filter Water Stored in Fukushima Tanks June 8, 2014
Planet Labs: Nanosats Are Go! June 5, 2014
Kymeta: Google Invests in Satellites to Spread Internet Access June 1, 2014
Technarians at the Gate: How Google Could Become Your Next Power Company May 29, 2014
The Atlantic Siluria: How to Turn Cheap Natural Gas Into Low-Carbon Gasoline May 21, 2014
BBC VIDEO: Planet Labs: The Mini-Satellite Revolution Gives New Views Of Earth May 16, 2014
Kurion: Custom-Built Robot to Probe Fukushima Leaks May 13, 2014
WSJ Early Uber Engineer Launches Pager, a Doctor-Makes-House-Call App May 8, 2014
Shapeways: A 3-D Printing Startup’s Plan to Bring Manufacturing Back to Cities May 7, 2014
Shapeways CEO On 3D Printing Gold, Generation Minecraft And Bringing Memes To Life May 7, 2014
Fortune As 3-D Printing Grows Up, Venture Investors Move In April 29, 2014
New York Times SOLS, a 3-D Printing Start-Up, Raises $6.4 Million April 29, 2014
SOLS, Maker Of 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles, Raises $6.4M Series A April 29, 2014
Planet Labs: Finding a Flash Drive in the Sea April 28, 2014
Kala Pharmaceuticals Announces $22.5 Million Series B Financing April 23, 2014
Business Insider The Robot That’s Helping Clean Up The Fukushima Meltdown Looks Like A Giant Refrigerator April 16, 2014
Shapeways: A Manufacturing Future That Hums (Rattles, Hisses) Along April 14, 2014
Planet Labs: Welcome to The Era of Lego Innovation April 10, 2014
Cerulean Pharma Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering April 10, 2014
Business Insider Lux’s Zack Schildhorn Named Rising Star in New York Tech April 6, 2014
Planet Labs: This Radical Satellite Startup is Democratizing Space April 2, 2014
Lux Launches Number2andYou to Screen Your Microbiome April 1, 2014
Watch How Matterport’s Camera Captured A 3D Model Of TechCrunch HQ March 29, 2014
Shapeways: Bringing 3-D Power to the People March 27, 2014
Fox Business Natural Gas-to-Liquid Fuels Startup Siluria Shows Off its Tech March 20, 2014
Planet Labs: Start-Ups Aim to Conquer Space Market March 16, 2014
Financial Times Planet Labs Aims For New Frontier Of Image Data March 14, 2014
cnet Matterport Breathes Life Into Fully Immersive 3D Models March 13, 2014
Matterport: 3D Camera Technology Gains Traction With Tech Giants, Investors March 13, 2014
Matterport: We Mapped Our Boss’s Office With This New 3-D Camera March 13, 2014
Nasdaq Cerulean Files for $75 Million IPO March 10, 2014
Cambrios & Siluria: The DNA of Materials March 8, 2014
Genocea Biosciences Announces Collaboration to Characterize T Cell Responses to Cancer Antigens March 4, 2014
The Internet Of Grids: How Naimish Patel Is Disrupting Power Distribution March 3, 2014
Forbes All Set For Take-Off: Silicon Valley Startups Redefine Space Imaging Market February 26, 2014
Wired Sols Systems: How An iPad And A 3-D Printer Can Fix Your Sweaty, Messed Up Feet February 25, 2014
Matterport: Here’s An Actual 3D Indoor Map Of A Room Captured With Google’s Project Tango Phone February 21, 2014
Siluria: MIT Tech Review’s 50 Smartest Companies February 18, 2014
Satellite Imaging Startups Skybox, Planet Labs Race to Cover Earth February 14, 2014
Molecular Imprints’ Semiconductor Business To Be Acquired By Canon February 13, 2014
10 Questions With Shapeways Co-Founder Peter Weijmarshausen February 11, 2014
Planet Labs’ Mini Satellites Take Flight From The International Space Station February 11, 2014
Kurion: Is Radioactive Hydrogen in Drinking Water a Cancer Threat? February 7, 2014