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Shapeways: A Manufacturing Future That Hums (Rattles, Hisses) Along April 14, 2014
Planet Labs: Welcome to The Era of Lego Innovation April 10, 2014
Cerulean Pharma Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering April 10, 2014
Business Insider Lux’s Zack Schildhorn Named Rising Star in New York Tech April 6, 2014
Planet Labs: This Radical Satellite Startup is Democratizing Space April 2, 2014
Lux Launches Number2andYou to Screen Your Microbiome April 1, 2014
Watch How Matterport’s Camera Captured A 3D Model Of TechCrunch HQ March 29, 2014
Shapeways: Bringing 3-D Power to the People March 27, 2014
Fox Business Natural Gas-to-Liquid Fuels Startup Siluria Shows Off its Tech March 20, 2014
Planet Labs: Start-Ups Aim to Conquer Space Market March 16, 2014
Financial Times Planet Labs Aims For New Frontier Of Image Data March 14, 2014
cnet Matterport Breathes Life Into Fully Immersive 3D Models March 13, 2014
Matterport: 3D Camera Technology Gains Traction With Tech Giants, Investors March 13, 2014
Matterport: We Mapped Our Boss’s Office With This New 3-D Camera March 13, 2014
Nasdaq Cerulean Files for $75 Million IPO March 10, 2014
Cambrios & Siluria: The DNA of Materials March 8, 2014
Genocea Biosciences Announces Collaboration to Characterize T Cell Responses to Cancer Antigens March 4, 2014
The Internet Of Grids: How Naimish Patel Is Disrupting Power Distribution March 3, 2014
Forbes All Set For Take-Off: Silicon Valley Startups Redefine Space Imaging Market February 26, 2014
Wired Sols Systems: How An iPad And A 3-D Printer Can Fix Your Sweaty, Messed Up Feet February 25, 2014
Matterport: Here’s An Actual 3D Indoor Map Of A Room Captured With Google’s Project Tango Phone February 21, 2014
Siluria: MIT Tech Review’s 50 Smartest Companies February 18, 2014
Satellite Imaging Startups Skybox, Planet Labs Race to Cover Earth February 14, 2014
Molecular Imprints’ Semiconductor Business To Be Acquired By Canon February 13, 2014
10 Questions With Shapeways Co-Founder Peter Weijmarshausen February 11, 2014
Planet Labs’ Mini Satellites Take Flight From The International Space Station February 11, 2014
Kurion: Is Radioactive Hydrogen in Drinking Water a Cancer Threat? February 7, 2014
Wall Street Journal Genocea Biosciences, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering February 5, 2014
Kurion Expands Its Nuclear Waste Empire January 29, 2014
DowJones VentureWire Nuclear Waste Tech Co. Kurion Buys Engineering Firm January 29, 2014
WSJ Startup Sols Systems Using Smartphones And 3-D Printers To Remake Orthotics January 27, 2014
SOLS Raises $1.75 Million To Make 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles Both Sexy & Mainstream January 27, 2014
Gridco Deploys Advanced Power Electronics to Control the Grid Edge January 21, 2014
Lux Capital Lux Capital Winter 2014 Update January 15, 2014
Technology Review Siluria: Chasing the Dream of Half-Price Gasoline from Natural Gas January 15, 2014
Braskem Works with Siluria to Make Ethylene From Methane January 15, 2014
Planet Labs: SF Startup Launches Eyes in the Sky January 9, 2014
CBS 3D Printing Shows Off Its High Tech Style January 8, 2014
Boston Business Journal Kala Pharmaceuticals Ready To Begin Several Trials For Eye Diseases January 6, 2014
Technology Review Nanomaterials From Cambrios & 3M Could Enable Large, Flexible Touch Screens January 3, 2014
The Telegraph Biggest Ever Satellite Constellation To Be Launched By Planet Labs January 3, 2014
Wall Street Journal VC In 2014: Lux’s Josh Wolfe On Greed And Progress January 2, 2014
Visterra: Pandemics & Panaceas - Why An MIT Inventor Chased the World’s Most Dangerous Flu December 29, 2013
Kymeta & Evolv: Making Waves - In the Hunt for Invisibility, Other Benefits Seen December 26, 2013
Genocea Biosciences, Inc. Files Registration Statement for Proposed IPO December 23, 2013
A Potentially Disruptive Electronics Startup You Should Know About: Transphorm December 18, 2013
Planet Labs Raises $52 Million To Build The World’s Biggest (Little) Flock Of Satellites December 18, 2013
Internet Everywhere: Kymeta Marks Successful Demo of Cutting-Edge Satellite Antenna December 17, 2013
3M and Cambrios Collaborate to Produce Flexible Silver Nanowire Film for Touch Screens December 17, 2013
Shapeways: Taking Fashion to a New Dimension December 13, 2013
Boston Business Journal Genocea Brings 2nd Vaccine To Clinic To Rival $4B Prevnar December 11, 2013
With Amazon On Board, Drone Startups See Bright Future December 2, 2013
Visterra Adds $8M, Ex-Amag Execs, To Begin Clinical Push for Flu Antibody December 2, 2013
Transphorm to Buy Rival Fujitsu Business November 28, 2013
The New Matterport 3D Camera Will Change Reality As You Know It November 17, 2013
IRobot Co-Founder Has Startup for Flying Robots November 11, 2013
CyPhy Gets $7M to Build ‘Unjammable’ Flying Robots November 5, 2013
iRobot Founder’s New Drone Venture, CyPhy Works, Scoops Up $7 Million November 5, 2013
FierceBiotech Kala Pharmaceuticals and Visterra Named Two of Top 15 Biotech Companies September 24, 2013
Genocea Presents ‘Unprecedented’ Results in Herpes Vaccine Trial September 12, 2013
Matterport Adds Strategic Investors Including Crate & Barrel Founder and Sling Media Co-Founder September 12, 2013
Google-Backed O3b is Working with Kymeta to Build a Next-Gen Satellite Antenna September 5, 2013
Security Industry Veteran Launches Evolv With $11.8M in Series A August 29, 2013
Hardware Is Not Just “Software Wrapped In Plastic,” According To VC Bilal Zuberi August 20, 2013
Nature Kymeta Featured in Nature - Exotic Optics: Metamaterial World August 7, 2013
Wired Matterport’s Interior Mapping Camera Will Make A 3D Model Of Your Home July 24, 2013
Kymeta Picks Up $50M To Develop Its Morphing Satellite Antennas July 9, 2013
Satellite Startup Kymeta Announces $50 Million in Funding from Bill Gates and Other Backers July 9, 2013
Lux Capital Hires Karen Eliadis as Chief Financial Officer June 25, 2013
Pacific Standard How Gallium Nitride Could Help Power the World May 23, 2013
Matterport Isn’t Playing Games with Kinect-Style 3D Camera May 16, 2013
3D Printing Wizards At Shapeways Show Us Their Brand New Queens Factory May 15, 2013
Shapeways Is Reinventing The Factory May 14, 2013
Lux Capital Adds Bilal Zuberi as Partner May 9, 2013
Startup Aims to Reshape 3-D Manufacturing April 29, 2013
The $30M Bet That Shapeways Becomes a Factory for Everyone April 23, 2013
Shapeways Raises $30 Million to Bring 3-D Printing Mainstream April 23, 2013
3D Printing Startup Shapeways Raises $30M Led by Andreessen Horowitz April 23, 2013
Andreessen Horowitz Leading Investment in 3-D Printer Shapeways April 23, 2013
3D Printing Company Shapeways Raises $30 Million C Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz April 23, 2013
Matterport: Creating 3D Spaces On-Demand April 15, 2013
Kala: Start-Ups Working On New Ways Of Taking Medicine March 31, 2013
Kyruus: Mining Data To Find The Best Doctors March 28, 2013
GeekWire Kymeta: Is This Bill Gates’ Next Billion-Dollar Company? March 21, 2013
San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco’s Siluria Turns Natural Gas To Fuel March 8, 2013
engadget Matterport 3D Camera Aims To Map Your Interior World, Display It From The Cloud March 7, 2013
Kala Pharmaceuticals: New $11.5M Funding Will Help Develop Treatments For Eye Diseases February 28, 2013
Kala Pharma Raises $11.5M, Focuses on Eye Diseases February 28, 2013
Kymeta Named to Technology Review`s 2013 50 Most Disruptive Companies February 20, 2013
Lux Capital Bucks Trend, Raises $250M VC Fund for Energy, Tech and Health February 13, 2013
Lux Capital Closes 3rd Fund at $245 Million February 13, 2013
Lux Capital to Invest $245M in ‘Big, Bold, Brave’ Ideas February 13, 2013
Lux Capital Closes $245M Third Fund, Remains Committed to Energy Tech February 13, 2013
Lux Capital Raises $245 Million to Fund Science Startups February 13, 2013
Lux Capital Closes $245M Third Fund February 13, 2013
Startup Gridco Wants To Build A Next-Gen Power Grid That Looks Like The Internet January 29, 2013
Local Scientists Searching For Flu Fighters January 22, 2013
CNN Money VIDEO: Shapeways 3D Printing Factory Boosts ‘Made in USA’ January 21, 2013
Nuclear Cleanup Co. Kurion Shows ‘Waste Wins’ in Clean-Tech January 16, 2013
Make Your Own Products: 3D Printing Reaches Consumers January 15, 2013