How America builds the most expensive factories in the world


Chip fabs have become a flashpoint for competition between the United States and nations across the world. Once a world leader in the market, America pulled back from fabrication the past few decades, and now political leaders want to reverse the trend.

But chip fabs are some of the most expensive factories in the world — and it takes a legion of construction workers and process engineers to make these wonders of the modern world come to life and produce leading-edge chips at competitive scale.

As part of our “Future of Manufacturing” series, “Securities” host Danny Crichton explores the challenges of reshoring chip manufacturing to America, talking with our own Lux Capital partner Shahin Farshchi, who recently testified to Congress, as well as Chris Miller, the author of “Chip Wars”.

We look at what happened to America’s chip industry, and how new laws like the CHIPS and Science Act are attempting to rebalance the playing field for the domestic industry long term.



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