Immersive, high-stakes scenarios at the nexus of complex issues in science, technology and policy.
Hampton at the Cross-Roads
Climate Change and the Future of American Maritime Security

What is riskgaming?

Riskgaming is a series of individual strategic scenarios that immerse players in complex decision-making and model real-world challenges and tradeoffs.
Character-Driven Strategy
Players take on the role of richly-detailed characters who can strategically build or break trust with each other throughout the game.
Emergent Behavior
Players make strategic decisions influenced by personal and external incentives, allowing for spontaneity and surprise.
Autonomous Decision-Making
All players select their actions independently of each other during a scenario, reflecting the autonomy of real-world decision-makers.
Profound Experiences
Each scenario faithfully models the real world, allowing players to experience an alternative reality that informs our own.


Lux Capital invests at the very frontiers of science, technology and human flourishing. Through riskgaming, we convene startup founders, lab PIs, political and military leaders, equity analysts and anyone else interested in understanding the implications of future innovations before they arrive to join us and compete for the future.