The Zone of Totality with Sam Arbesman


This week’s solar eclipse captured the imaginations of millions of Americans throughout an arc across the continent. One of those entranced was ⁠Sam Arbesman⁠, ⁠Lux⁠’s scientist-in-residence and a local of Cleveland, which sat in the full zone of totality. Sam also happened to live in Kansas City during the 2017 eclipse, so he has (accidentally) eclipsed-chased in his choices of residence.

Briefly, Sam and host ⁠Danny Crichton⁠ talk about the eclipse, the mesmerizing impact of science, and the unique community that comes together in cities lying in the darkness. Lux is “light” in Latin, and so what happens when darkness descends across the Earth? Surprisingly, something magical and optimistic, showing how science and mathematics has the ability to transmute our passions into something great.


This is a human-generated transcript, however, it has not been verified for accuracy.