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Photo by Cullan Smith via Unsplash

Wait, where the hell have you been?

Well happy end of 2022 to you, too.

In short: blame Elon Musk. Musk, who took over Twitter a few weeks ago, summarily announced that our newsletter platform Revue is going to be laid to rest in January. Thankfully, we were already in the midst of relaunching LuxCapital.com, which we finished in mid-December (take a look!). In the next few weeks, “Securities” will also be migrating there so that we can be hosted and published straight from Lux — no meddling billionaire social media value destructors to get in our way.

Following this issue, the next issue of “Securities” will come once the migration has been completed. Thank you for your patience!

Best “Securities” Analyses (2022 Edition)

Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash
Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash

I published 42 “Securities” newsletters, and another dozen or so stories for Lux’s website. Among my favorites were:

  • Vaporware skepticism — A look at the challenges of investing at the cutting-edge frontiers of science. When is science ready for commercialization and are we as a society straddling that line correctly, or are we investing too early or late?
  • Scientific sublime — An optimistic ode to the power of science to bring humanity together in the wake of the first photos from the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • Consensus functions — Thinking about what brings society together and how institutions can drive consensus, from democratic votes and scientific laboratories to crypto governance models.
  • The Manichaean rainbow — Exploring the rise of the “color” revolution and its radically different political interpretation between the West on one side and Russia and China on the other.
  • Marginal stupidity — How much complexity is needed for society to grow, and what are the limits to further economic specialization?
  • Truth and reputations — Multiple founders with former scandals were resurrected in a year in which the definition of “truth” is increasingly under attack from all angles. Where does reputation end and truth begin?
  • Defense Fordism — The costs of America’s military infrastructure is increasing lavishly. How does America compete when a single aircraft carrier costs $13 billion and the latest military drones cost a scant few thousands of dollars?

Best “Securities” Podcast Episodes (2022 Edition)

DALL-E image generation via Chris Gates
DALL-E image generation via Chris Gates

“Securities” producer Chris Gates joined midway through 2022 and rapidly edited and published some brilliant audio stories, a total of 37 episodes in all in fact. Here were my favorites:

Lux Recommends (…some final pieces for 2022)

Cover of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
Cover of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

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