Founded by an experienced team that includes MIT professors, serial entrepreneurs, and veterans of CAD software and robotics companies, Desktop Metal seeks to build office-friendly 3D printers that can inexpensively produce parts from a range of high-performance metal alloys. “Metal 3D printing has been out of the reach of most companies because it’s very expensive and slow,” says founder Ric Fulop. “We’re developing a system that’s fast and more accessible.”

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Chemistry Material Science

Increasing Productivity Efficiency


Lux investment: 2015

Publicly listed: 2020


Ric Fulop

Yet-Ming Chiang

Rick Chin

John Hart

Jonah Myerberg

Ely Sachs

Chris Schuh

Lux partners
Bilal Zuberi

Desktop Metal

David Yang
Kim Tran
Tess van Stekelenburg
Andrew Wilson
Jasmine Rainey
Tracie Rotter
Stevie Lee
Steven Brody
Shaq Vayda
Shahin Farshchi, PhD
Segolene Scarborough
Sean Traynor
Scott Rubin
Saunaz Moradi
Samuel Arbesman, PhD
Samantha Cho
Peter Hébert
Lindsay Morris
Lan Jiang
Josh Wolfe
Grace Isford
Deena Shakir
Debbie Elsen
Danny Crichton
Cristina Morris
Bree Morgan
Brandon Reeves
Brad Gritsch
Bilal Zuberi
Bibi Masara
Alex Nguyen
Adam Kalish