Founded in 2016, Flutterwave has built the premier cross-border fintech API for the African continent and beyond, starting with Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and many other countries. Its platform can accept payments both online and at point-of-sale devices, using a variety of methods such as cash, credit, mobile money, M-Pesa, USSD, and Visa QR. In addition, Flutterwave offers card issuing, invoicing, store building, and other critical commerce services built on top of its payments engine, making it a one-stop shop for businesses looking for a better way to send and accept money.

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Increasing Productivity Efficiency


Lux Investment: 2022

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Andrew Wilson
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Stevie Lee
Steven Brody
Shaq Vayda
Shahin Farshchi, PhD
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Sean Traynor
Scott Rubin
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Samuel Arbesman, PhD
Samantha Cho
Peter Hébert
Lindsay Morris
Lan Jiang
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Grace Isford
Deena Shakir
Debbie Elsen
Danny Crichton
Cristina Morris
Bree Morgan
Brandon Reeves
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Adam Kalish