Thousands of years ago, locks were invented to keep people out. And they’ve done a pretty good job so far. But as our lives grow more complicated—busier, faster, fuller—there are more people coming in and out of our doors. That’s where locks start to seem restrictive. The challenge is no longer keeping people out: it’s letting the right people in when we can’t be there to do it ourselves.Technology has enabled the rise of an on-demand economy that relies upon seamless exchange of information, goods and services. On top of that is the need for trust. Today, that trust stops at the front door. Latch is building the first universal platform to enable trusted parties to access physical spaces, simply and securely, starting with the apartment and office buildings where we live and work. Latch understands the need for security and reliability, but also the importance of convenience, simplicity, and ease of use. By embedding intelligence at the point of access, Latch is building for a world where any space — be it a 1,000-unit property, personal home, or post box — can be securely and seamlessly accessed.

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Lux investment: 2016

Publicly listed: 2021

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Kim Tran
Tess van Stekelenburg
Andrew Wilson
Jasmine Rainey
Tracie Rotter
Stevie Lee
Steven Brody
Shaq Vayda
Shahin Farshchi, PhD
Segolene Scarborough
Sean Traynor
Scott Rubin
Saunaz Moradi
Samuel Arbesman, PhD
Samantha Cho
Peter Hébert
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Lan Jiang
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