Single-Dose Therapies for Infectious Diseases

Visterra uses its proprietary platform to identify unique disease targets and design and engineer effective therapeutics. The company’s technology is powered by computational tools and techniques that identify a specific area, or epitope, on the target site that is fundamental to its structure and function. This ideal epitope, or hierotope, becomes the target against which the company designs a novel therapeutic with the potential to effectively and durably combat the disease. The company is currently focused on therapeutics for infectious diseases. Its lead product candidate is a broad-spectrum, human, monoclonal antibody for the treatment of both seasonal and pandemic influenza. The company’s second product candidate is a human monoclonal antibody for the treatment of dengue that has been shown to broadly neutralize all four Dengue virus serotypes. Visterra was founded based on scientific work developed in the laboratory of Dr. Ram Sasisekharan, and licensed from MIT.

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